thanks to the cats pyjamas

many thanks to joyce for such an inspiring presentation at conVerge10. some ideas:

education should be about ‘learning communities’

instructional design often falls into the ‘content trap.’ in class, face to face we:

  • provide content
  • lead and stimulate discussion
  • conduct scenarios and roleplays
  • set up and guide project work
  • provide individual coaching
  • generate motivation
  • assess learning, both formative and summative
  • collect, display and discuss student work

how do we move all of this online? online delivery has to be so much more than content provision.

we’re delivering in a web 1.0 style instead of embracing the opportunities that web 2.0 offers

‘read only’ where we could read/write/collaborate/create
‘lecture’ where we could have a ‘conversation’
valuing ‘individual intelligence’ above what the collective can achieve
remaining in a static space when we could be moving in a dynamic one

and finally, access joyce’s moodle toolguide at cats pyjamas. a wonderful guide when considering the right educational tool for the task.

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