what makes finnish kids so smart

there was a wonderful article in the wall street journal a while ago ‘what makes finnish kids so smart?’. the scandinavian model of education has some interesting twists and their results are pretty impressive. the scandinavian nations have topped international literacy rates for a long time, consistently scoring well above the united states and britain. icelanders reportedly read and publish more books per capita than anyone else.

what can we learn from finland? a q&a with dr. pasi sahlberg some pretty obvious points are made here. i was so pleased to see the tired old example about how indian and chinese students do so many more hours of study than most kids in the west be dubunked as the way to go. school should be about engagement and enthusiasm not about hours. also, the comment that the finnish education model is based on cooperation rather than competition…

late addition schools we can envy a review of finnishlessons: what can the world learn from educational change in finland?

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