enough of ‘transliteracy’ for a while…

i’m saturated with digital literacy links. i’ve gathered a few together here and will rest up on this topic for a while!

many thanks to bobby newman (the librarianbyday) tweeter for most of these. see her post on defining transliteracy for librarians too

a clear and concise overview from dana longley from the state university of new york  what is transliteracy and how does it fit at empire state college?

some frustrated cries for more clarification and tighter definitions in response to lane wilkinson’s transliteracy and incommensurability. there was one particularly grumpy article by david rothman that roused some excellent responses. rothman’s article commensurable nonsense(transliteracy) argues that it’s just a buzzword, a sloppy use of language and a number of people rose to the challenge

more transliteracy talk: metaphors and metonyms

the whole elephant: librarians arguing about transliteracy sue thomas says defining the concept is going to be a bit messy and uncertain for a while yet!

bobbi newman on why ‘transliteracy’ matters to librarians

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