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the power of networks

Manuel Lima. this guy is my new crush. great talk with something for everyone. ‘the power of networks’. for the librarian: dewey to wikipedia; for the geeks and artists: fractals and pollack. from tree metaphors to webs, simplicity/complexity, patterns/chaos ‘orderly … Continue reading

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Carved book landscapes

beautiful work by Guy Laramee

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I’m back. After coming to the realisation that my more intellectual musings were beginning to populate my facebook feed and bore some of my friends senseless. It seems that I do need a place to not just gather my links … Continue reading

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2011 reflections

It’s time to leave this blog for a while. As I planned when I started just over one year ago, this has been a place for me to gather together my thoughts about education, libraries and digital literacies. A space to … Continue reading

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brainpickings: maria popova

There’s no better example of curation done as as well as Maria Popova does it on her site BrainPickings Brain Pickings is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from the noise to … Continue reading

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more on curation

So we think we know what curation is. We’re all talking about it as if we do. We’re all looking for effective and efficient ways of managing information overload. Steve Wheeler provides a good overview in Taming the tide: digital content … Continue reading

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‘why chomsky is wrong about twitter’

It’s taken me too long to post this article by Nathen Jurgenson (Salon, October 24, 2011). Why chomsky is wrong about twitter As I’ve referenced Chomsky more than once in this blog I think it’s important to keep up with his … Continue reading

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