2011 reflections

It’s time to leave this blog for a while. As I planned when I started just over one year ago, this has been a place for me to gather together my thoughts about education, libraries and digital literacies. A space to save links to interesting articles and connect with my personal learning network. As I hoped it would, it expanded to include the liberal arts generally, the internet and social media, content curation and even some book art. It’s moved along with the issues of the year and my field. It’s been a great place for intellectual exercise and reflection.

James Bradley says it all beautifully in his post a new type of conversation

It’s also been a source of stress! There’s so much information out there and my ‘read it later’ list of bookmarks was always weighing heavily on my mind. The blog is a cumbersome tool when compared with some of the more immediate content curation tools out there. It’s a dilemma of sorts. The blog provides a space to muse and reflect, ‘scoopit’ might provide a more efficient way to store and share all of those great articles in a more timely way. Carr and Shirky are battling it out in my head!

So it’s time for a rest. Maybe I’ll come back or perhaps I’ll try something new in 2012.

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