‘why chomsky is wrong about twitter’

It’s taken me too long to post this article by Nathen Jurgenson (Salon, October 24, 2011). Why chomsky is wrong about twitter

As I’ve referenced Chomsky more than once in this blog I think it’s important to keep up with his more recent comments. Early in 2011, Chomsky said in a couple of interviews that he thought platforms of communication like twitter were ‘superficial and shallow,’ that they ‘eroded normal human relations’ and that they were ‘not medium[s] of serious interchange.’

Jurgenson gives an extensive list of examples to illustrate why and how this is not the case

Social media is like radio: It all depends on how you tune it … Chomsky, a politically progressive linguist, should know better than to dismiss new forms of language-production that he does not understand as ‘shallow’ … This argument, whether voiced by him or others, risks reducing those who primarily communicate in this way as an ‘other’… We might ask Chomsky today, when digital communications are disqualified as less deep, who benefits? 

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