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It’s been a long time since I blogged. Keeping up with my teaching while researching and writing my own pieces for my Masters is keeping me very busy. This may be quite a lengthy hiatus …

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forgetting in the digital age

I was excited to read this book and it began well. It’s an interesting observation that in externalising memory the net radically changes what was once an internal and selective process.  Borges short story Funes, the memorious sets the context; … Continue reading

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sentimentalising the book

i had an interesting conversation with some friends on facebook this week in response to the flying books of morris lessmore (best animated short at the academy awards). it’s a beautiful animation but it’s popularity does raise some great questions. … Continue reading

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everything is a remix & the death of the author

lots of thoughts colliding about this at the moment. i love the ‘everything is a remix’ series and it neatly weaves into some of my previous posts. in one of my posts on curation i referred to maria popova’s article … Continue reading

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the power of networks

Manuel Lima. this guy is my new crush. great talk with something for everyone. ‘the power of networks’. for the librarian: dewey to wikipedia; for the geeks and artists: fractals and pollack. from tree metaphors to webs, simplicity/complexity, patterns/chaos ‘orderly … Continue reading

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Carved book landscapes

beautiful work by Guy Laramee

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I’m back. After coming to the realisation that my more intellectual musings were beginning to populate my facebook feed and bore some of my friends senseless. It seems that I do need a place to not just gather my links … Continue reading

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