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are the liberal arts in danger?

In The end of education, a review of Martha Nussbaum’s new book, Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities in TPN the philosophers’magazine, Nussbaum argues the case for the humanities as governments reduce funding for university arts courses, ‘sacrificing history, art and … Continue reading

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cartesian learning vs the hive

rereading the nicholas carr article ‘the web shatters focus, rewires brains’ (wired magazine, may 2010). it’s clear he’s worried about the bargain we’ve brokered with the internet, seemingly choosing to go with ‘skimming and multitasking’ at the expense of ‘reading … Continue reading

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reading and ebooks

I’ve been musing on all of this discussion about what technology, the internet and new media are doing to our brains. Surface skimming and deep diving, information and knowledge…Thinking about the argument that says we need solitude and significant lengths … Continue reading

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