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forgetting in the digital age

I was excited to read this book and it began well. It’s an interesting observation that in externalising memory the net radically changes what was once an internal and selective process.  Borges short story Funes, the memorious sets the context; … Continue reading

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I’m back. After coming to the realisation that my more intellectual musings were beginning to populate my facebook feed and bore some of my friends senseless. It seems that I do need a place to not just gather my links … Continue reading

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‘why chomsky is wrong about twitter’

It’s taken me too long to post this article by Nathen Jurgenson (Salon, October 24, 2011). Why chomsky is wrong about twitter As I’ve referenced Chomsky more than once in this blog I think it’s important to keep up with his … Continue reading

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how the internet gets inside us

Adam Gopnik’s article ‘How the internet gets inside us’ has been waiting in my ‘read it later’ box for a while now. It’s an excellent summary piece on books, technology and ‘how the internet changes the way we think’. Gopnik … Continue reading

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